The Visual Assassin thought it necessary to create a place to examine the DSLR movie phenomena. There are many channels showing High Definition DSLR Films on Vimeo and YouTube however here ‘The Visual Assassin’ can define, critique and catalogue some of the more important films.

DSLR cameras have created a new wave of filmmaking. The ability to capture images with prime lenses coupled with the associated accessories (sliders and cranes) can make a truly cinematic image. Together with an effective and free distribution system such as Vimeo and YouTube an emerging arts form has been created.

The Visual Assassin has selected what is important in the genre. This is not necessarily the ‘’best of’ but examples of what is possible. The comments I make are not meant to be offensive we all have an opinion and this is mine if you don’t like it, tell me.

Go explore the hundreds of other videos out there.

Thanks for looking.

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